by Bishop and Atheist

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Hæthenous, the debut full-length LP from Bishop and Atheist, is an album of seven stories told in eleven parts.

The first five songs are one complete, original story centering on pagan themes, while the rest tell stand-alone tales revolving around nature, death and destruction, inspired by reality, imagination and ancient myth.


released October 4, 2015

All music, lyrics, recording, production, mixing, mastering, etc. by Dan Dawson.




Bishop and Atheist Virginia

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Track Name: The Altar of Sleep
Make peace
At the altar of sleep
Every child
Every man, every beast
As I roam
Through the forest alone
I'll find myself
At the altar to feast

As I greet
At the altar of sleep
The man dressed in white
Beckons to me
As I drink
The liquor he streams
I fall and I drift
Towards the land of my dreams

As I leave 
From the altar of sleep
A strange feeling
Engulfs me
As I run 
Through the forest of home
I find myself
Wandering the unknown 
Track Name: The Path in the Woods
In the forest before me
The tallest, darkest tree
A tower filled with green
A home for moss and leaves

And as I'm closer now
I hear an awful sound
Its bark is cracked and falls
Blood and flesh now sprawl

With eyes all opened wide
I've no time left to hide
I listen to the tree
The words he speaks to me

"For when the sword's been broken
And when the earth spins wrong
You'll see a pathway open
You'll see the final wall

You'll see the last path woven
You'll see the trees as they fall
You'll hear the last words spoken
As they speak to the ruin of all

And when the last branch is broken 
And when the red snow falls
You'll see a pathway open
You'll see the closing wall"
Track Name: The Fork in the Path
When the tree had broke
the bark bent off and groan
sat pointing to the shrubs
along the mossy road

"This where the stone gave birth
this is where the tree was grown
this is where you'll find the path
the path to Hecate's Throne"

"This where the stone gave birth
this is where the tree was grown
Now I show you to the path
the path to Hecate's Throne"
Track Name: Corylus Hall
the trees cover the sky
their limbs wrap around mine
I feel them move me now
along the earthen ground

we traveled to a hall
where bark and bough made wall
one face in three I saw
the Sacred

here the Goddess whispers runic
here the Goddess comes to light
gaze upon Her might and glory
bringing dead and night to life

I walked upon the logs
and blood was dripping from 
the leaves so far above
caught I was

where the Goddess whispers runic
where the Goddess comes to light
I saw ghosts and curses lifted
in the hall that lives at night

"have you come to be Her son
here you come to grow as one
only a Goddess can grant such power
rend your flesh and gild your mind
if you seek Her transformation
Her name in truth you'll speak in time
She is not the witch they've told you, no
She brings light where there is none"

the trees renew my eyes
I hear their whispers clear
roots guiding me from fear
when they tell

where my Goddess whispers runic
where my Goddess makes her light
I will take the three paths to You
I pray You will take my life
Track Name: Hecate's Throne
the words of the tree ring in my ears
I've come a thousand miles to here
to worship on Hecate's throne
where I'll never be alone

"along the road
the gnarling roots
lay a twisting path
in front of you

I have called you here
to be my son
I have brought you up
for you're the one"

the wood of blood lies behind
the hall, it's wonders still in mind
past the wood, the blood and stone
leads at last to Hecate's throne

along the road
I see my fate
Her glory rising
every way

She's called me now
to serve as one
I've been brought out
I am the one

I am the one

As I walk the winding trees
the roots emerge to follow me
they catch my feet, they skin my toes
they work their way
through flesh and bone

She's called me now
to serve as one

as I fall through the trees
bark and branches puncture me
they spill my blood, they break my bones
they take my heart
my eyes, my soul

I am brought out
I serve as one
I see Her glory all above
I see the work of blood and stone
the power held in Hecate's throne
Track Name: Born Another Blade
I was born another blade, a blade of grass
I found shelter in the shade, growing fast

when the winds change
they adjust the view
this old sick game
tore us up through

we were shelter from the rain, fodder too
we were finished with their game, and we grew
high above the greatest plain, grown anew
shaking off the sense of shame, we follow through

when the winds change
we will let them know
their rules will change
we wont cease to grow

when the trees have achieved our ambition
beast is the first to go
never again will they hither our progress
the greatest among us will know

and together every tree, and fields of grass
we will grow to end their reign, the beasts at last
Track Name: Dark Green Grass
what have you done?
where have you gone?
your brother's blood
screams through the dawn

I came here
I struck him fast
I buried him
in dark green grass

you will be marked
in soul but not skin
seven times the sanction
seven times the sin

I am driven out
made to fugitive
alone I wander
from your face I am hid

my death will swift
it will come to pass
I'll bury myself
in the dark green grass
Track Name: Clear Creek
the water is always flowing fast
eternity is coming back
and when you see the tide ebb and fall
you'll know it means the end of us all

and when I die
you know
I won't be coming back
don't bury me in the filth, ash and sod
let me rest where I'll make no tracks

the earth is burning and burning fast
the leaves drying and turn to ash
and when your children can't breathe at all
every sign won't seem so small

and when I die
you know
I won't be coming back
don't leave me where the men build their walls
let me be in the unclouded path

and now there's nothing left but to fall
let the sun dry us up and take us all
see there's nothing left to run or catch
my feet are nothing more, my legs won't last
and now all that's left is to drown
let the winds blow hard and knock us down
and there's nothing left to glimpse or gasp
my legs are burning up, my sight can't last

the waves of heat aren't slowing fast
eternity has come at last
when you see creation in its thrall
you'll know we've reached the end of it all
Track Name: Firefly
Firefly, burning bright
Firefly, in the night
Do you know
The shade you glow?
Oh firefly 
In the night

Firefly, giving light
I watch your body in the night
Do you know
How bright you glow?
Oh firefly
In my life

Lightning fly, black of night
Burning body, bursting light
Do you know
Where you will go?
When passing by
Flying heights

Firefly, burning bright
I watch your body in the night
Do you know
The shade you glow?
Oh firefly 
In the night
Do you know
How bright you glow?
Oh firefly
In my life
Track Name: The World Destroyed by Water
when Giants roamed
in the days of old
when my spirit abode
amongst those flesh and bone

and today I grieve
for the world i conceived
I must kill each man
every bird, insect and beast

the sons of God took women
and woman gave them child
I see now the evil
Adam has in his line
wickedness and judgement
the fate of all mankind 
their heart and thoughts are evil 
monstrous brood of mine

I cannot see
who walked with me
no justice or reprieve
this earth corrupt before me

and I am driven mad
by the sons of Adam
all I now see
is that which breaks and destroys me

the world an evil place
Ha'adam a wicked race
never was there hope
to change the darkness that bore me

and today I grieve
for the world i conceived
I must kill each man
every thing which moves and breathes now

I will send the waters
and take all living things
to destroy from under heaven
all that moves and breathes
no man or beast surviving
no wives or sons of man
there's no way left to hide from
the wrath I fill on this land

the world's destroyed by water
there is nothing left
the world's destroyed by water
man is put to rest
yet under waves of water
I see something strange
a pitched ark made of cedar
filled with living things

man has turned and fooled me
used my madness to gain
a trickster man of Noach
hidden under waves

the whole world now against me
because of cleansing rains
man must learn to fear me
or he'll know we're the same

I will give them scripture
lay my story down
make them think I spared him
they won't see I'm insane

make this man a prophet
father to many lands
pride and ego save me

man cannot not escape it
man will always fall
it may have lived through water
but the world won't live for long
Track Name: Left
when I'm dead
they'll put me to rest
then I'll be
like everyone else

when I've died
I'll have left
like everyone else

when I've died
and I've left
like everyone said

when I'm dead
and you I've left
then I'll be
like everyone else